*Partial List – Includes current and former clients

Doug LaMalfa for Congress (CD 1)
Bob Elliott for Congress (CD 10)
Diane Harkey for Congress (CD 49)
Young Kim for Congress (CD 39)
Ed Royce for Congress (CD 39)
Darrell Issa for Congress (CD 49)
Scott Baugh for Congress (CD 48)
National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC 2016)
Jeff Stone for Congress (CD 36)
Scott Jones for Congress (CD 7)
Mimi Walters for Congress (CD45)
Jeff Denham for Congress (CD 10)
John Campbell for Congress (CD 48)
Duncan Hunter for Congress (CD 50)
Craig Huey for Congress (CD 36)
John Colbert for Congress (CD29)
Wally Herger for Congress (CD 2)
Dana Rohrabacher for Congress (CD 48)
Elton Gallegly for Congress (CD 24)

California Republican Party (SD 12)
Andy Vidak for Senate (SD 14)
Kevin Kiley for Senate (SD 01)
Lloyd White for Senate (SD 23)
Jeff Stone for Senate (SD 28)
Pat Bates for Senate (SD 36)
Mike Antonovich for Senate (SD 25)
Janet Nguyen for Senate (SD 34)
Jeff Stone for Senate (SD 28)
Diane Harkey for Senate (SD 35)
Jeff Miller for Senate (SD 31)
Jim Nielsen for Senate (SD 4)
Ted Gaines State Senate (SD 1)
Lucille Kring for Senate (SD 34)
Doug LaMalfa for Senate (SD 4)
Mimi Walters for Senate (SD37)
John Campbell for Senate (SD 35)
George Runner for Senate (SD 17)

Diane Dixon for Assembly (AD 74)
Jay Obernolte for Assembly (AD 33)
Andrew Kotyuk for Assembly (AD 42)
Janet Nguyen for Assembly (AD 72)
Kevin Kiley for Assembly (AD 6)
Harry Sidhu for Assembly (AD 68)
Phillip Chen for Assembly (AD 55)
Keith Curry for Assembly (AD 74)
James Gallagher for Assembly (AD 3)
Young Kim for Assembly (AD 65)
Beth Gaines for Asssembly (AD 6)
Brian Nestande for Assembly (CD42)
Bob Williams for Assembly (AD 3)
Brian Maienschein for Assembly (AD 77)
Mike Duvall for Assembly (AD 72)
Sharon Runner for Assembly (AD 36)
Marie Waldron for Assembly (AD 74)
Mimi Walters for Assembly (AD 73)
Pirozzi for Assembly (AD 63)
Cristi Cristich for Assembly (AD 70)
Todd Spitzer for Assembly (AD 71)

Ted Gaines for Governor
Rescue California – Recall Gavin Newsom
Ted Gaines for Board of Equalization (District 1)
No on 57 – California
Committee for Truth in Politics – Michigan
Coalition Organized for the Future of Insurance Regulation – Idaho
No on 62 – California
Mimi Walters CA State Treasurer
Bill Leonard for Board of Equalization

Kevin Lincoln for Mayor (City of Stockton)
Reform San Bernardino – Yes on U & K, No on J (County of San Bernardino)
Palm Springs Police Officers Association (City of Palm Springs)
Citizens for a Safe Chico (City of Chico)
Fresnans for a Safer Community – No on P (City of Fresno)
Don Barnes for Sheriff (Orange County)
Chad Bianco for Sheriff (Riverside County)
Tony Rackauckas for District Attorney (Orange County)
Anne Marie Schubert for District Attorney (Sacramento County
John Brennan for Judge (Yolo County)
Elizabeth Egan for District Attorney (Fresno County)
Brian Pacheco for Supervisor (Fresno County)
Anne Marie Schubert for District Attorney (Sacramento County)
Michelle Steele for Supervisor (Orange County)
Paul Zellerbach for District Attorney (Riverside County)
James Ramos for Supervisor (San Bernardino County)
Henry Perea for Mayor (Fresno)
Colleen Mestas for Sheriff (Fresno County)
Jerry Simmons for Supervisor (Placer County)
Henry Perea for Supervisor (Fresno County)

California Issues
Yes on Measure E (Sierra College)
Consumer Alliance for a Strong Economy (CASE)
California Republican Party Voter Registration
Gold Star Families (Stockton, Modesto, Merced, Fresno)
Preserve Our Santa Barbara
Yes on 90 (Orange County)
No on Measure G (Yuba County)

Minnesota Issues
Minnesota Ag Energy Alliance (Enbridge Line 3 Replacement)
Minnesota Auto Dealers Association (MADA)

Independent Expenditures
California Independent Expenditures
Public Safety & Justice for All (SD 23)
Gerawan Farms – Steinberg Farm Labor Bill
Jobs Opportunity and Freedom PAC (JOFPAC) – IE CD 8, CD 52 and CD 26
Taxpayer Network – IE CD 26
Taxpayer Network – IE San Diego, Los Angeles, Sacramento
Citizens for Economic and National Security – Lungren Congressional IE
Conservative Leaders of America (CLOA)/Benoit IE
Mary Bono for Congress IE (Palm Springs)

Minnesota Independent Expenditures
Advance Minnesota **various districts Minnesota Legislature
Coalition of Minnesota Businesses (CMB IEPC) **various districts Minnesota Legislature
Senate Victory Fund (Districts 14, 20, 25, 26, and 27)
Minnesota Conservative Energy Forum (MN CEF) CD 01 and CD 07
Minnesota Land & Liberty Coalition (Lyon County)
Northstar Leadership Fund (NLF) **various districts Minnesota Legislature

Stones Casino Grand Opening (Sacramento)
Yuba Highlands Development (Yuba/Sutter)
Waste Management Board (San Joaquin)