Let us help you build a comprehensive media campaign across multiple screens and media platforms!

    • Traditional TV — Broadcast TV (NBC, FOX, ABC, CBS, etc.), Satellite TV(Set Top Box and/or traditional placement on DirecTV and Dish), and Cable TV
    • Streaming & Digital TV — Video on Demand (Set-Top Box VOD), Over The Top (OTT: Sling TV, DirecTV NOW, Pluto, Tubi, etc.), TVE(Cable programming watched on devices other than the TV or via CTV devices), Connected TV (CTV: TV devices such as Apple TV, Roku & Chromecast)
    • Radio – Traditional & Satellite (Pandora), Streaming, Geo Targeting, #250 Text Campaigns
    • Out of Home Advertising(Static and Digital Billboards, Posters, Transit Shelters, etc.)
    • Online Advertising(Website, Mobile, Banner, Full page take over, etc.)
    • More to Come…As the media advertising environment continues to change and evolve, Strategy West is excited to grow and committed to providing our clients access to all present and future opportunities.